Katrin Swatenbroux

These are luna-tic times: more and more people believe in the moon’s beneficial powers. It’s clear from the popularity of moon sign apps, or the growing number of people who take the position of the moon into account when making important decisions, or superficial ones – regarding their careers, sex lives or gardening. In the fashion world, labels like Vetements and Valentino are also flirting around with cosmic prints and astrology, just like the artists and authors who have been seeking inspiration from celestial bodies over the past centuries. Lunatic paints a portrait of the moon across the ages: as a time-keeping device, a muse, a political weapon, a tourist attraction, and a symbol of significance. This book offers answers to all your lunar questions and explains how you can use the power of the moon in your own life. Both beautiful and practical, it features shining images and artful illustrations. (Verlagstext)


Lannoo/ Gingko Press, 192 S., 170 Abbildungen, hardcover


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