Jason Williamson
Happy Days


It’s comedy night on the terminal ward. Jason Williamson returns with thirteen all-new short stories from a grim and desperate world where everything is either ‘knackered and shit or new and shit.’
Sound familiar? Here you’ll meet roaming loners, twats in fast cars, hard men telling porkies, strong women who know the score, various music maniacs and sex-addled, whizz-infested pub warts galore. But it’s not all abject fucking misery, Williamson’s characters come alive and somehow manage to conjure some happy days from the endless, panicked slog of caged poverty and bad choices.
So settle down for some porn barks, crap nature, terrible housing and dogging hotspots. Life à la fuckin sniff innit. (Verlagstext)

Amphetamine Sulphate, 144 S., kartoniert